Affordable Health Insurance Coverage

Affordable Health Insurance Coverage

There are as many definitions for the term “affordable health insurance” as there are health insurance firms. Each company like has its own advantages and disadvantages and options for Cigna Health Insurance 2020, and this article will assist you in deciding which one you should choose based on your income. After all, medical care can be very expensive and you would like to get the best health care at a price you can afford. But before selecting your health insurance agency, be sure to consider premium benefits, deductibles and others.


The prizes are the value that you have to pay to the insurance company on a regular basis so that they keep their account active. This amount may differ based on several factors: your reported regular income, your own health status, your family medical history and even your occupation. This affects the prize you will be asked to pay. One of the first things that insurance firms will ask you to do is do a physical exam to determine the extent of risk you pose as a customer. This test includes tests to determine the likelihood that you will acquire any number of diseases – anything from cancer to diabetes and gout. If the insurance company decides that you are a high-risk cancer client, for example, you may decide to offer a very expensive prize. In the same vein, if you live a healthy lifestyle, but your occupation is extraordinarily dangerous (let’s say you are a firefighter), you can expect your reward to be quite high as well.


The franchise is the value you initially have to pay if you are hospitalized, after which the plan provider will cover the remainder of the hospital account. For example, if you stay hospitalized for three weeks and the excess in your plan says that you only have to pay for the first five days, the plan provider will pay for the other 16 days of your stay in the hospital. In general, the higher the prize, the lower the franchise will be. Therefore, if your prize pays you, say, $30 a month and the franchise is the first three days of your stay, the plan provider will take care of the rest of the cost of your hospitalization after these first three days. The same plan provider may also offer a plan in which you must pay, say, $10 a month, but only cover your hospitalization bill after the second week of a stay. These scenarios are common when it comes to insurance plans.

Other benefits

Some additional benefits in your health insurance plan may include subsidies for medical consultations and medications, preferential hospitals, and home care reimbursements. Many plan providers will offer part of the cost of your doctor visits and your regular medication if you need it. In some cases, it is as specific as naming a private doctor for you to go if you are sick. It is only if you visit that particular doctor that your plan provider will agree on the cost of your visit. It’s the same with hospitals. Your plan may require that you visit a particular hospital in case you need to be confined. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the cost of your confinement.